xcl Objectives

  • Build an international and cross-disciplinary platform with both leading academics and practitioners.
  • Build a creative environment with background knowledge of real business and practical problems.
  • Cultivate students to be future business leaders, creative designers and advanced engineers.
  • Increase international impact of Chinese universities and enterprises.

xclAbout the Course

Our course is a creative graduate course taught jointly by experienced lecturers from both academia and industry. Well-known professors from Peking University and University of Washington and senior designers and engineers from leading Internet, consulting and design companies will teach the entire process of designing and developing solutions of real problems, including Internet trend analysis, user requirement analysis, user-centered design methods, user study techniques, interaction design, usability test, brand marketing, and business models.
The organizer and company partners will introduce a real design problem at the beginning of the course. Students will form small project teams to brainstorm and work out solutions to the problem and carry out the design. At the end of the course, student projects will be evaluated by a panel of experts. Awards, internship positions, even career opportunities are waiting for you!

xclPossible focus of this year

  • Design of Unified O2O User Experience with Mobile Payment.
  • Strategy Design of Market Fusion of China and the United States.
  • Model Design of Digital Home.