Wang Jun (Peking University)

Dr. Jun Wang is a professor in the Department of Information Management at Peking University. He has a multi-disciplinary education background with Master degree in Library and Information Science (Wuhan University) and PH.D degree in Computer Science (Peking University). He has papers published in Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), ACM+IEEE Joint Conference in Digital Libraries (JCDL), Conference in Knowledge and Information Management (CIKM) and peer-reviewed Chinese academic magazines. His recent research interests include semantic Web, Internet trends, information design and architecture.

xclRobert Boiko (University of Washington)

iSchool senior lecturer. Mainly engaged in research and teaching information architecture, information modeling, system design and other fields. He is also a specialist in information design and information management consulting company, with a series of increasing customer base of business, government and non-profit institutions, the company has basically every aspect of the service to information management. He is a recognized expert in the field of content management, website design, hypertext, multimedia system services for more than 20 years of research and practical experience, who has some of the world’s top technology companies (including Microsoft, Motorola and Boeing) services. In 2005, he was awarded the EContent 100 award leaders. His book “Content Management Bible” and “laughing at CIO: managerial leadership in the information age,” enjoys a high reputation for his lectures and workshops have a high reputation worldwide.

xclWen-Bin Huang(Peking University)

Win-Bin Huang (Sebastian) held a B.S. in Mathematics, an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Information Engineering from Nation Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. From 2007 to 2009, he was a manager in IT department and an assistant to the general manager in Nanowin Technology Co., Ltd. He then stayed in lehrstuhl für Medientechnik at Technische Universität München a year. After that, he worked as executive secretary in the engineering and technology promotion center of national science council, and as an assistant professor with the department of mechanical engineering at Kun Shan University in Taiwan until 2012. Currently, he is an assistant professor with the Department of Information Management at Peking University in China. He, besides, is the member of the center for research of E-life digital technology in Taiwan. His research activities include multimedia processing, data compression and analysis, machine learning, and IC design.

xclPengyi Zhang (Peking University)

Pengyi Zhang is an assistant professor at Department of Information Management, Peking University. She holds a Ph.D. in information studies from University of Maryland, College Park. Her research interests include information organization, information seeking and sense-making, and user-centered design and evaluation. Her recent work focuses on the seeking and sharing of information in social media. She is a member of the American Society of Information Science and Technology (ASIST), ALA (American Library Association), and Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

xclYifan Gan(Product Service System Designer)



With an enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit, Yifan has a keen eye for design opportunities all around him. Sensitive intuition combined with bold design skills help Yifan make good ideas tangible.Prior to joining Continuum, Yifan founded a video production company focusing on storytelling. In this venture, he honed his skills in identifying the key elements that connect with people, and transferring them into communicative and vivid stories. Yifan served clients such as P&G, Bayer, JCDecaux, Hello Kitty, Cooper, and Lenovo. In Continuum, Yifan brings to table his excellent craft of storytelling with a pursuit to continue defining the innovation practice in China. A Dual-MA in both Politecnico di Milano and TongJi University, Yifan absorbed the diversity of both Eastern and Western way of design thinking. As a native Chinese, Yifan’s perspective in mainland as well as greater China market brings tremendous value to his team.

xclGuo,Hongwei(leader of MiWifi’s brand design)


Mr. Guo is the leader of MiWifi’s brand design department. He has rich experience in brand design of information product. He joined Tencent in 2007. In 2010, he set up brand design center of Tencent CDC and directed the brand experience design of dozens of product, such as QQ, Tencent, QQ game, QQtoy, QQ image, etc. He joined Xiaomi at the end of 2013 and has been in charge of MiWifi’s brand design since then.

xclMin Wang(alibaba Group)


Min Wang is the Director of alibaba YunOS, in charge of User Experience Design and Data Intelligent team. Before that, Min was Associate Researcher of Microsoft Research Asia, with Industrial Design and Computer Science background, Min started her career in HCI area at 2004, focused on Information Visualization, Data-centric Computing and next generation devices. Min joined alibaba on 2010, where she set up the Product and Design Center for YunOS, working on the platform which can enable seamless user experience across multiple devices, rethinking how user interact with the devices and services, design for “being human” in an age when our nature is surrounded by all those new technologies and smart devices.

xclSimone Rebaudengo(Interaction Designer, frog)


Simone is an interaction designer currently living in Munich and Shanghai and working at frog, where he design digital, physical and behavioural interfaces. His work focuses on exploring the implication of designing products with behaviours, memories, goals and relationships as new material to be shaped. Born in Italy in 1986, he has a mixed background of product design and generative architecture and holds an MSc in Interaction design from TU Delft University in the Netherlands where he focused on tangible interfaces and connected products. In 2011 in collaboration with Usman Haque he designed a speculative sharing service based on the needs of the objects themselves called Addicted Products. He tried to install one of them in David Cameron’s office, but failed due to secret services concerns. Since then he ‘s been talking about it at conferences around Europe and has been awarded Best in Show and Best in Engaging at Interaction Awards 14 and for Speculative design at Core77 awards. His work has been featured on FastCompany, Wired and The Atlantic.

xclJohn C. Wang


John Wang is co-founder and CEO of IAdea Corporation, a company focusing on transforming the world with out-of-home digital signage technologies. IAdea’s products empower brick-and-mortar retailers by re-inventing the store. Its innovations are licensed and distributed by leading brands globally. Large-scale digital signage deployments around the world are often built with IAdea technology.

Passionate about the current and future development of the digital signage industry, Mr. Wang is co-founder of the Web-based Signage Business Group at the World Wide Web Consortium. He is also an active member on the Digital Signage Standards Committee at POPAI, shaping industry standards. He currently serves as the Section Chair of the Standardization Committee at the Digital Signage and Multimedia Alliance, a non-profit industry group representing over 180 member companies in Greater China.

Mr. Wang led IAdea to receive Red Herring’s Asia 100 Award in 2007 as an innovative and fast growing company. He received his master’s degree in computer science from the National Taiwan University and spent his earlier years in New York City, U.S.A. He may be reached on LinkedIn at

xclMichael Wu

Michael Wu

Michael (Yuh-Cherng) Wu is the founder of Viridisio, a SAP consulting and product innovation firm specialized in international project implementations and product innovations. Being as a SAP CRM expert for over 15 years, he has led SAP teams from US and German to design and develop SAP products in the areas of knowledge management, interaction center, spare part management, search/text-mining engine and software agents. He held more than 25 patents in enterprise software and social CRM for SAP.

With a vision to create a next-generation enterprise planning system, Michael and his team has built innovations for precision pricing and profitability analysis via real-time simulation of future events on SAP’s newest in-memory computation technology. Furthermore, his team has designed the digital persona and the real-time biosignal analysis on wearable devices for behavior and healthiness pattern recognition.

Prior to joining SAP, Michael conducted researches in Neuroscience Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with more than 20 publications on leading academic journals and conferences in Neurophysiology, Biophysics, Decision Science, Artificial Intelligence and Behavior Prediction. He received his PhD/MS in Industrial Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison and BS in Chemical Engineering from National Tsing-Hua University.

xclFlorin Rotar


Florin Rotar is Avanade’s Chief Technology Innovation Officer (CTIO), responsible for Avanade’s Innovation & Incubation function worldwide. As CTIO, he is responsible for developing and communicating the company’s technology vision both internally and externally and for supporting all aspects of the company’s technology development.Florin has a strong passion for innovation and fundamentally believes that smart solutions focused on innovation and industrialization are key to helping Avanade’s customers compete and realize the best results for their business. He has more than 20 years of experience on the Microsoft platform and a thorough understanding of the full life-cycle of information technology projects, having worked on numerous industry-leading projects around the world, especially in the Retail and Financial Services industries.Prior to joining Avanade at its inception in 2000, Florin worked for Accenture and Procter Gamble. He holds a Master’s of Science degree from Lund Institute of Technology.

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xclChandan Chauhan


Chandan Chauhan is co-founder and former Senior Vice President of Product Management, at Intelius since its inception in 2003. From 2000 until 2002, Chauhan was Vice President of New Technologies at InfoSpace, Inc. From 1987 until 1999, Chauhan held several senior management positions at Microsoft Corporation in the Windows Operating System and MSN divisions.Chauhan holds an M.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, and an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Technical University of Nova Scotia, Halifax.

xclRaina Chauhan


Raina Chauhan is an aspiring entrepreneur. She is focused on consumer digital research, specializing in social media analytics for Comedy Central, a network at Viacom, which is a leading global entertainment company. Previously, she played a key role in creating one of the largest adword campaigns on Google at an internet company. She takes keen interest in the STEM education initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). She helps children from inner city low income families excel in the STEM fields via the Parris foundation. Raina has attended London School of Economics and received her B.S. in Mathematics from Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia.

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