• Deadline: 2014.05.20 00:00:00 CST.
  • APPLY NOW! (Please read the following information before applying.)
  • Only current junior and senior undergraduate students and graduate students will be considered.
    We welcome students whose majors are related to management, designing and engin
  • Program page at iSchool@UW
  • We prefer students:

    1. Who have deep interest in information product design.
    2. Who understand the mobile Internet environment and the trend of O2O.
    3. Who are willing to cooperate with students from diverse background.
  • Preference based on the role in the team

    • Product Manager. 
    • Who major in marketing, management, business promotion or have related experience.

      Who have a good sense of users’ need in O2O environment.
      Who is good at leading a multi-cultural team to realize a design idea.

    • Product Engineer.
    • Who major in electronic engineering, data science, computing, software development or have related experience.

      Who are expert in programming languages, such as Java/Python/Ruby.  
      Who are skilled in data analysis.

    • Product Designer.
    • Who major in industrial design, graphic design or have related experience.  

      Who are able to discover users’ need based on environment analysis and collected data.  
      Who are expert in using design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD.